Our clients are the retailers, processors, growers, and ancillary businesses that are the future of a responsible, legal, cannabis industry.

Harris Bricken’s cannabis practice group regularly advises its cannabis clients on the following legal matters related to opening and operating a legal marijuana business:

  1. Marijuana licensing and registration
  2. Corporate formation and business licensing
  3. Corporate and commercial transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and financing deals
  4. Zoning requirements for retail and/or agricultural businesses zoning requirements for cannabis businesses
  5. Real estate matters
  6. Employment laws
  7. Federal policy and state and city laws relating to cannabis
  8. Cannabis product labeling requirements
  9. Packaging and handling of food items
  10. Branding and intellectual property protections and commercial licensing agreements
  11. Vendor and ancillary business contracts
  12. Banking and financing issues
  13. Advertising and marketing regulations
  14. Privacy regulations
  15. Environmental laws
  16. Records retention and document management